About Skwibo Arts and Timothy Doyle


Originally created as an online gallery to exhibit my paintings, I've realized the potential of SkwiboArts as a vehicle to fulfill my personal mission of bringing people and art together. This can be by sharing my own painting with the world or curating a collection of 19th and 20th century art which allows people access to pieces of art history at reasonable cost.

Going forward, SkwiboArts will be a place where I can implement new ideas to increase Availability, Accessibility, and Appreciation in the art world, particularly where I'm based in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Timothy Doyle

Origin Story

Born in Worcester in 1977, I grew up in central Massachusetts largely ignorant of visual art until a trip to the Worcester Art Museum at age 15 spawned what would be a life-long passion. I've never received formal training but have been on a continuous journey of learning and exploring through my painting. 

Brooklyn, New York - 2002-2008

During my first stretch living in New York, I organized many informal art shows in restaurants, bars, and theaters for myself and later for a group of Greenpoint artists I organized: Meeker Avenue Artists.

Tucson, Arizona - 2010-2014

After a brief time in the Army, I used the GI Bill to get a Bachelor's in Art History from the University of Arizona. During this time I participated in group shows at Contreras Gallery, Raices Taller, and Solar Culture Gallery. The Contreras Gallery offered me my first solo show "Fresh Eyes on the Old Town". 

Brooklyn, New York - 2014-2016

After graduating from the U of A, I moved back to Greenpoint and had the pleasure of working as a Gallery Guide for the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. It was there that I really developed my love of helping people navigate the often arcane world of modern and contemporary art. 

Worcester, Massachusetts - 2016- Present

Coming full circle back to Worcester has been an excellent experience. I was amazed at the development of the art scene, and quickly became involved, participating in group shows at ArtsWorcester and The Sprinkler Factory. Going forward I'll do what I can to add to the growth of art and culture in the city, through my own work and helping others where I can.